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a break in the weather/early october

Posted on October 8, 2019

This week we saw the temps in Richmond drop and I can finally wear a hoodie again. I’m home from vacation and ready to get back to work – I have several mastering jobs on deck and a few mixes happening.There are some very nice records coming out or have already come out that I was involved with the production of, in one way or the other. I’ll dig into the details below and ,for those interested, my facebook page has more frequent posts and may be more detailed as well. I try not to overlap too much. Rabid Ears Recording Rabid Ears has been my studio home as of late. It is a very comfortable space made available by Kevin Cornell of Glass…

summer heat/early july

Posted on July 8, 2019

Richmond has settled into the steamy summer and makes me want to hole up in the studio to try to stay cool. Some latest releases: David Schultz – Rain in to the Sea (vinyl reissue) In 2011 David asked me to master his most recent record, Rain in to the Sea. Originally only available via CD/download. Fast-forward to 2019, WarHen Records and David decided to make this record available on vinyl and thus a re-master was in order. It was really nice to revisit these songs and prepare them for a second life on your turntable. Psalmships – Keep Your Words Psalmships is a Philadelphia artist I’ve know for some time – one of the original The Listening Room artists. Sometimes solo, but this…