It’s 2021, baby

Holy shit – we made it. So far it’s more of the same, but I am hopeful for the new year.
In the past few weeks, I was able to get a tracking session in (with very liberal use of hand sanitizer and ALL the masks) and was reminded how much I love tracking – working with a band to sculpt a sound or a song. It’s just about as good as it gets.
We were tracking the lead guitars through the AC30 and the unassuming TC Electronic “Spark” boost pedal really did a lot of the heavy lifting. The band wanted to keep the guitars fairly clean and that little push from the boost just really let the guitars sing. I was surprised by how much we were able to tailor the breakup and introduce harmonics. Just the right tool for the job. We (of course) also pulled out some fun fuzz and noise pedals to obliterate some sections, just loads of fun.
Here’s to all the little things, and little pedals, that really bring things to life.

As always, I am beginning to book out for spring. I got remote mixing and mastering in full swing and tracking sessions can be accommodated with the right amount of preparation. Please feel free to get in touch about any and all projects.

Stay safe. Stay well.

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