Fall 2020 update

This year has both flown by and dragged on. It’s hard to be a ‘glass half full’ kinda guy sometimes. I have watched a lot of TV and movies (get at me if you wanna talk about that, I AM DOWN), really gotten into jigsaw puzzles, and of course, worked on some music.

Dead Men of Whiskey podcast just posted the last episode of Season One. I got brought in about half way through the season to do clean-up, editing, and mastering for the show. I had a lot of fun listening to these two crack eachother up and certainly inspired a few bottle purchases. Hopefully, we’ll be beginning production on Season Two before the end of the year.

Hewolf just released an EP (‘Into the Darkness …”) that I mastered for them. Reminiscent of Quicksand, to my ear. Tracked and mixed by Rusty Scott at The Ward. Give this Richmond supergroup a listen and let me know what you think.

Gnawing is wrapping up mixing very soon for their forthcoming full length. I first heard Gnawing when I mastered thier 7″ ‘Shaky’ and their jangly rock really hit a sweet spot for me. Lots of Dinosaur Jr vibes for me!

Otherwise, I’ve been doing a lot of little projects with friends. Jonathan Vassar has been hustling out a bunch of songs with the help of Duncan Adams that I have mastered and/or prepared for release. I have doing a bit of arranging/producing/cheerleading work for folks making their quarantine records at home. I love helping people get back to being creative and push them into new spaces or past writing hurdles. Sometimes it’s a nudge, sometimes it’s ‘let’s tear this thing apart and put it back together’.

I love y’all, I love music, and I hope you stay safe and healthy.

Vote November 3rd.

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