This week we saw the temps in Richmond drop and I can finally wear a hoodie again. I’m home from vacation and ready to get back to work – I have several mastering jobs on deck and a few mixes happening.
There are some very nice records coming out or have already come out that I was involved with the production of, in one way or the other.
I’ll dig into the details below and ,for those interested, my facebook page has more frequent posts and may be more detailed as well. I try not to overlap too much.

Rabid Ears Recording

Rabid Ears has been my studio home as of late. It is a very comfortable space made available by Kevin Cornell of Glass Twin. I have been working on sessions over there for about a year – mostly overdubs and some mixing, but now starting to get some full band tracking sessions under our collective belts. The photo above was taken by Shannon Cleary, local scene spiritual leader and also, bass player for New Lion, during a recent session.


New Lions

We have begun tracking for a new – something.
TBD. Is it an EP? an album? a single? who knows?
All I know is, I’m pretty psyched to be working with New Lions again. I mixed their last EP, ‘End Story‘ and am looking forward to building these songs from start to finish. We’re tracking at Rabid Ears and I am really happy with the sounds we have gotten down so far. Keep your ear to the ground as things start to come together for these recordings.


We have been working on this record for a while – technically years. We recorded it two years ago (I think). Lately, we have gone back to that session and have been shaping and polishing those recordings into new release. We have been trying out some different techniques to give the recording the right presence and space. Mixes are nearly done and then off to mastering it goes. I expect we’ll be seeing this record in the very near future.
Here’s a link to the first record we made together, ‘Another Face‘. Check it out if you would like a taste of something similar to what is on the horizon.

L.A. Dies

I am very excited about this record, ‘Drifting Still‘ from L.A. Dies. I had a fairly lengthy post about it on FB recently, so I will spare you the recording details. This is a great band that I met last summer while working on a compilation record for Harding Street Assembly Lab. I was just super impressed. Amazingly, HSAL and the band decided to work with me to make this full length and I was over the moon. We had a tight budget, but everyone brought their best to the process and the band just rocked the sessions.
I recommend you order yourself a copy on vinyl, because it sounds DOPE.
Here is a taste.

+++ Mastering

There is always more coming, so keep an ear out! Follow me anywhere and everywhere and I will try to be not too redundant.
And, of course, give me an email or send a message if you are interested in having me be a part of your next record!