Richmond has settled into the steamy summer and makes me want to hole up in the studio to try to stay cool.

Some latest releases:

David SchultzRain in to the Sea (vinyl reissue)

In 2011 David asked me to master his most recent record, Rain in to the Sea. Originally only available via CD/download. Fast-forward to 2019, WarHen Records and David decided to make this record available on vinyl and thus a re-master was in order. It was really nice to revisit these songs and prepare them for a second life on your turntable.

PsalmshipsKeep Your Words

Psalmships is a Philadelphia artist I’ve know for some time – one of the original The Listening Room artists. Sometimes solo, but this time with a band that we tracked over a cold weekend. That tracking session would be frame which we hung all the additional tracks upon. We cut the main vocals and some additional instruments in Richmond, but a lot of the overdubs we done in Philly and sent to me to marry up with main tracks. The songs continued to get molded and shaped and some got nixed completely. Ultimately, we made some fiery recordings of intimate songs for lovers and the brokenhearted.

New LionsEnd Story

I was thrilled to get tapped to mix End Story, Clair Morgan’s shift away from his previous indie math rock output to a new more rock n’ roll direction. We had lots of experimentation and sonic diversions while seeking for raw and powerful sounds. We got to a place with sharp elbows, a growl, and a shout – a reaction to the division of the country and families in Trump’s America.

Inside the studio:

I have gone drum crusher crazy. I bought every unit I could find and intend to do a super shoot-out with Kevin at Rabid Ears Studio. Units I determine are of quality and value I shall keep, the rest will be returned to the wilds of EBay. I have an original Shure M62 Level-loc, a Sherlock (Level-loc clone), Shure SE30, Shure FP42, Audimax 4450a, and the venerable Fostex MN-15 mixer (SOM classic). I am excited to finally settle this for myself at least!

I am also waist deep in a Urei 1176 repair. It was someone’s attempt at a clone and ultimately was gifted to me. It half worked but I decided to try and calibrate it appropriately and now I’ve torn the whole thing apart. Hopefully, I’ll be able to suss it out soon and get it back into the rotation.

I hope y’all are staying cool and I’ll be back in a bit to post some more goings-on. If you want more frequent looks into my life, follow me on Facebook/Instagram.